Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Disasters!

Hey pandas! Just to let you know, Hurricane Sandy is about to hit the East Coast!! I live in New York, and Sandy is supposed to hit there! School was already cancelled for monday, and probably tuesday. Hopefully not wednesday because it’s halloween!!!! If you live on the east coast, get ready!!!

Also, I might not be on Pandanda Fire for a few days due to power outage. Thanks, and stay safe!!!

Farewell, my friends!

A huge 7.7 magnitude earthqauke struck British Columbia early night, leading to many tsuanami warnings and floods. On Monday – Tuesday Toronto, Canada is expecting hurricane Sandy to hit with wind gusts up to 100km/h or 80mp/h with rain up to 100mm and snow possible. Flooding is also expected and lots of danger as well. This weather is very rare in Canada , but it’s time for the rare. Rare weather in Canada happens about every  10-100 years.

~cresent1 and 2009FIRE~

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  1. Damn! British Columbia?!? good thing im in the west coast.

  2. Someone in my family is due to go there today im so scared fire please save them lol.

  3. i live in pennsylvania and i have alot of damage :) i am glad that u are safe,fire -pop14music

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