Pandanda Fire Version 3.0- Update and Sneak Peak!

Hey guys! Hope you had a great Canada Day, and Independence Day for Usa!

Speaking of Version 3.0, Pandanda Fire will be super super jaw dropping. Lot’s of new features and 3 new pages for you to enjoy! All coming, July 20!

Just an update- Pandanda Fire will be shut down and closed on Thursday, July 19, for 12 hours. I have to test version 3 a day before, and see if everything works. To test all it, I need no one on the blog, so I will have to unfortunately close it just for half a day. Make sure to come back the next day, to see the new Pandanda Fire!

Now it’s time…. Pandanda Fire’s ultimate top secret of the night… A SNEAK PEAK, of version 3.0! Here are some pictures:  :O

Awweeesssooommmee! :D What do you think? Are you excited? Trust me. These pictures are nothing compared to the actual version! :P It will look amazing. :D



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Hey there! I am known as 2009FIRE, on Pandanda! I am the owner and founder of the one and only blog, Pandanda Fire! Don't forget to check it out! I am 13 years old, Male, living in Toronto, Canada! I hope to see you around on my blog and Pandanda! Rock on! -Fire

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