Foxotic: New Virtual World

Foxotic is an upcoming Flash-based virtual world for kids just like  (Club Penguin, Pandanda and etc.). It is aimed for a young audience but don’t worry I’m sure it will be fun for older kids and parents too. :)  Users of Foxotic will be able to create their own red fox avatar, make friends, explore, play games, and have lots of fun! Children will also be able to socialize (make friends) and learn in a safe yet exciting online environment. The combination of social gaming, education, advanced customization, and safety will make Foxotic a unique experience for children. Sounds like a lot of fun, but sorry you will have to wait until Summer of 2013 for this awesome new Virtual World to be available to play for beta. It’s a long wait but trust me Foxotic will make up for the long wait :) Foxotic haves a twitter where you can follow to get all the latest Foxotic updates or you can come to my Foxotic site for updates too. :)

My Foxotic Blog:

Foxotic’s Twitter:


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