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Welcome to Pandanda Fire’s official chat! Please remember to have fun, and follow the rules!

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Chat Moderators: (11)

*All moderators have a white icon, and have “Moderator” before their name.

1. No Cussing
2. No Harassing
3. No Asking To Be Owner, Or Moderators
4. Only Use Private Chat For Important Reasons
5. No Inappropriate Actions
6. No Advertising
7. No Discussing Personal Details
8. No Dating
9. No Flooding
10. No lying Or Giving False Information
11. No Giving Links To Inappropriate Sites, Videos, Or Pictures.


12. HAVE FUN!!
Moderator Rules:
1. You Must Have An Appropriate, Acceptable Reason To Ban.
2. Give 3 Warnings. First Warn Them. Second Kick. Third Ban For 6 Hours. If A Fourth, Ban And Report To 2009FIRE. You may ban whenever you feel without no warnings.
3. Kick All Bots Bots (Fake Names) (No names)
4. No Making Others Moderators Unless You Have Permission
5. Try To Be Online At Least Once A Day
6. Be Kind And FAIR
7. You Don’t Have The Right To Cuss Or Swear
8. Use Private Chat To Let Someone Know They Are On A Warning, Or About To Get Banned. Remind them about the rules.
8. If Extreme Swearing In One Shot, Report To FIRE, And BAN.
9. Be Responsible.
10. You MUST Make Guests MEMBERS. If Anyone Is Asking To Be Something, Make Them Guest!
11. Review The Rules With The Ones Who Need Them.
12. HAVE FUN!!


1. Follow All Rules Daily, And You Can Be Featured On The Blog, Be Star Of The Month, OR Even Get An Elite Code!!
Banning Rules:
1. First Warning (reminder about rules)
2. Second, Warning, With A Kick
3. Third, Warned, With A Ban (The Duration Of Ban Will Decide On How Severe Your Issue/Case Is.
  1. Panda!! You name on Pandanda is on YouTube heres the link.. Its really short but ohwell.–cWT9kwI…… And im on youtube to!! Heres my link were i am on youtube.… Have A great day!!!

  2. I have a chat box. if u wanna see it go to

  3. Fire i’m havin an awesome time at ur chat! Let’s invite more people! :D

  4. Hi fire,is the chat soupossed to be glitching?

  5. about the glitching,its been saying that I can’t get a new pic now

  6. Ok. Now it works right.

  7. When is the chat gonna be smaller? ;)

  8. Oh! Happy Early Christmas Fire!

  9. Hi Fire! Its me KG4! I hope you’ll have a good 7 Days until X-MAS! I know I am lolz.

  10. lolz,Hi. Right now I acctually see you and lukeyman! I might say Hi to you on pandanda lolz.

  11. H Fire! I’m on my DSi right now. Just here to say Hi,and have a happy new year!

  12. fire did u record that video 2012? if u did awesome!

  13. Tailswing sent me here

  14. Lots of People Abusing their powers!

  15. Omg i love this chat I’m here every day from morning till evening!
    Oh and good job the blog is amazing!! :)

  16. thx for making me mod i am a responcleable mod

  17. hi fire from pandanda

  18. ?!?
    @2009fire Can I Copy Ur Rules! Coz They’re BRILL!
    Credit of Course!!

  19. 2009fire hey how are you lol are you entering the contest ???

  20. Hey fire,can you throw an other party?????

  21. Raffle!

  22. i want to be in the raffle.

  23. :o The chat is not connecting…..

  24. It’s becuse xat was having a connection problem but know its working:D

    • We Are NOT Allowed To Give You A Code.
      You Have Been Reported To The Pandanda Team, And Someone Sent Pictures Of YOU Swearing On The PDF Chat.
      The Elite Contests Giveaway Rules Say NOT TO Give Any Codes TO Anyone Who Breaks The RUles.
      We ARe Supported By The Pandanda Team, As We Are On Their Blogroll.
      Sorry About That! I Don’t Want To Be Banned.

  25. nice idea of the mod ( moderator) tracker your awesome!

  26. Howdy, Fire! I made a new group!

    Thx! :P

  27. u know on the poll one of the dates is my birthday in real life

  28. july 29th

  29. Hey fire! Miss blogging :( I wish I could get back to it, maybe in the next 6 months to 2 years. The chat is rockin awesoms! :) More people have came since the idea of the tracking in February! More people coming! :D BTW we’re almost at 50,000! Ill be there! :D Have fun! -Pand

  30. Fire, some person named foofiekin was trying to scare evergone. I banned him then in pc to me: said “YOU F***IN STUPID! FATA**” ID iz 540766445

  31. Fire come to chat please! Urgent! 4:24pm est

  32. Ignore last comment

  33. :( im very very sad ur leaving

  34. ok..this is my last day of commenting. On August im going to fourth grade and my mom wont let me play on Pandanda EVERYDAY except Fridays,Sundays, Saturdays,and no school days

  35. love the upgrade fire nice, but i thought it said that its nor gonna use xat anymore? please write back

  36. I know soooo many people that go on your chat :) Its pretty cool.

  37. i changed my pic back to my old pic the other picwith the pentigon wasd my new pic but now well you know im back into my old pic. i dont know how it changed anyway! lol:D

  38. Can u plz make me a mod again? Is there a way to be able to have more mods?

  39. :( pandanda is gonna be closed!!!!! :(

  40. ):pandanda closing soo sad!!! i will miss it!!!!!!!!

  41. hi fire

  42. hey idk if u comment anymore and sorry i didnt comment back october 21

  43. Hi fire do you comment anymore if so when are you closing?

  44. Also,Happy New Year!

  45. Also,haha lots of alsos ok also,almost 75,000 views!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Hi fire,Its me Jenatte, you know from pandanda and all that stuff,I just wanted to say that i will be playing Wizard101 and Pirate101! Also animaljam.But im quitting Fantage so,see ya!

  47. Greetings! Very useful advice within this post!
    It’s the little changes which will make the most important changes.
    Thanks for sharing!

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